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Aim of the Project

Project name:

Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Children

Project worth:



30 months


Kosovo Education Centre

Direct beneficiaries:

Kosovo children


Forum Civil Peace Service

Implementation zone:


Overall objective:

Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the Children

Project aim:

Empowering the local community in improving child protection measures in schools through awareness raising, mediation and conflict resolution.


1.1. Development of an on-line awareness raising platform for the protection of the Rights of the Child.

1.2. Development of informational materials for children, parents, teachers and general public.

1.3. Organization of a media competition for the best article on the children rights.

1.4. Organization of the Regional Conference on the Rights of the Child.

2.1 Selection of 10 NGOs to work with 40 schools in rural areas.

2.2 Organization of trainings on the Rights of a Child Training and Mediation for students, parents and teachers.

2.3 Organization of study visits to mediation clubs in Macedonia and Albania for NGOs and schools.

2.4 Monitoring and assistance for 10 NGOs in implementing school policies for the rights of the children.

2.5 Collection and publication of good practices from beneficiary schools.